Greek Yogurt and Berries | Post workout Snack

My first taste of Greek Yogurt was only a few years ago and it was not love at first bite, ha! For me it was certainly an acquired taste but I previously had never been a big fan of traditional yogurt. I did not like how runny it was and I did not like all the artificial sweeteners involved in the flavoring process. Greek yogurt is not runny in the least but it still took some time for the fondness to set in. My first taste of Greek yogurt was a low fat version and that definitely is where the disdain came from. Thankfully I hope we are all aware now that eating low fat is not what helps you maintain a healthy weight.

After I was able to try out different brands of Greek yogurt I finally found the one I liked best. Pictured above the Greek Gods brand won me over. It has a thick and creamy consistency that I found worked very well with all my recipes. They have several flavors but honestly I always buy the traditional plain. I use Greek yogurt for both sweet and savory dishes so this way I can dress it up however I like. The plain version is both unflavored and unsweetened so for sweet treats I like to use small amounts of either Honey or 100% maple syrup.

Greek Yogurt is packed with lots of protein and it is incredibly fast and effortless to prepare a bite to eat. For these reasons it is my first choice when I need a post workout snack.

Topping it with nuts and berries just makes it that much more nutritious. Also I just love having lots of vibrant colored fruits and veggies in my meals and this is no exception 🙂
I must apologize the picture shown does not have the unsweetened coconut flakes because I am out, what a tragedy right! If you have them on hand and like coconut flakes I would most certainly add them it takes it over the top, for me at least 🙂
I have linked below my favorite brand of coconut flakes that I use for raw consumption. Some brands I have tried can be very stringy and chewy, that is not what we want at all. The ‘Let’s DO Organic’ brand is very finely shredded, I just love it and sprinkle it on many things, hence why I ran out!

Ready to dig in? I sure am, enjoy and look around I upload new recipes regularly. Always tasty and always with a healthy spin!


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Greek Yogurt and Berries
Post workout or anytime snack for those looking to keep it light!
Prep Time 5
Prep Time 5
  1. 1. Grab the bowl where you will be enjoying your snack and add the greek yogurt. 2. Drizzle the maple syrup or honey over the greek yogurt. 3. Add blueberries, raspberries and walnuts. 4. Sprinkle coconut flakes on top and enjoy!
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